We are looking for student volunteers. Please email liuchess @ yahoo.com for more info!

Here are some quick details on volunteering. We need help from 11am -5pm.
The jobs are: Dressing Room Attendant, Security, Between Act Coordinator, Greet Sponsor tables/Speakers, Flyer Distribution, Senior Assistant, Greet Performers, Load/Unload Equipment.
On the Excel sheet, there’s a brief description of each job.
What I’ve done in the past is hand out a blank volunteer sheet and have your members/students sign up. I need their Name, email & phone number so I can contact them back to let them know if the position is filled or not.
Priority is on spots 3-5PM since we generally have the fewest volunteers at that hour. Generally we’d like to keep people around and hand out more flyers since we always have leftovers.
Let them know my email if they have questions – liuchess @ yahoo.com

 Volunteers will get a sweet T-Shirt for your services!

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